QNativ does not stop. We are committed to constantly improving our offerings and responding flexibly to the pressing issue of our time. QNativ therefore not only focuses on consulting and the transformation towards the use of sustainable products according to the status quo, we also support research projects in the field of sustainable raw materials in order to advance the topic and a higher degree of sustainability.

In autumn 2019, a project for the development of raw materials for the production of plastic-free disposable packaging was initiated in connection with the University of Applied Sciences Coburg in Germany. The aim of this project is to develop a raw material that, due to its properties, is suitable for completely replacing plastic, is sustainable and can be produced in a resource-efficient manner.

The project was supported by a plastics processing plant in the region, so that a corresponding cooperation for the production is entered into and with the help of the technical know-how of this company a corresponding raw material can be offered immediately nationwide.