Palm leaf dishes: pure nature – a sensible alternative from natural fabrics

For large professional events, but also private events such as birthdays or barbecue parties, you need easy-to-transport dishes, which ideally can be easily disposed of afterwards. That's why most organizers resort to disposable dishes. Unfortunately, however, this is often associated with mountains of plastic or paper waste, which harms the environment.

A sensible alternative offers QLeaf Unlike plastic or paper harnesses is particularly sustainable, as it consists of a natural and natural raw material. The plates are pressed from the palm leaves of the betelnut palm. This species of palm loses its leaves two to three times a year, so they do not need to be ploughed extra. They are collected, cleaned and pressed into shape by water vapor. So no resources have to be wasted and palm leaf plates are created, which, like the leaves of native trees, can be easily composted.

Palm leaf dishes: Fascinating wood aesthetics

In addition to the special naturalness, another special feature of QLeaf is its extraordinary appearance. Since each plate and bowl are pressed from individual palm leaves, each specimen is unique. The special grain is reminiscent of wood. Instead of using interchangeable and homogeneous disposable dishes, you can present your dishes with palm leaf dishes and thus provide a double eye-catcher.

In addition to the attractive wood look, the feel is also very pleasant due to the special structure. QLeaf does not impress with its high bending stiffness, but with a leaf thickness of one to two millimeters, also for wood-like stability. In addition, you can expose the waterproof and robust palm leaf dishes to high heat or cold without any problems – such as in the oven, microwave or freezer. Also in terms of design, our range includes particularly unusual palm leaf dishes, which underlines the fascinating look.

Palm leaf plates in special designs

In our range you will find palm leaf plates in various designs – from classic round plates to rectangular to special palm leaf bowls and bowls. 

Palm leaf plates protect the environment

QLeaf combines timeless elegance and sustainability, ecology and appealing design. In a world where environmental protection is playing an increasingly important role, it is all the more important to find sustainable alternatives that work in the long term. By purchasing palm leaf plates, you make your contribution to a better world and thus protect people and the environment.

Palm leaf plates perfect for catering – a sensible alternative in the age of Covid-19

The organic disposable plates can also be used in professional catering without any problems. Unlike containers and plates brought with him, the restaurateur at QLeaf can read down to our hygiene standards. QLeaf is not only absolutely tasteless and food-safe, our dishes also cope wonderfully with modern heating technology. The palm leaf plates can be used in the oven and microwave without restrictions. Even the freezer or freezer does not harm QLeaf. Since our palm leaf harness is also waterproof, there is hardly any difference to the usual reusable dishes. Hygienic and professional presentation of food was rarely as uncomplicated as with an organic disposable plate made of palm leaf.