QNativ's goal is to change our world for the better. We want to take into account the two defining megatrends of our time, neo-ecology and digitalization, and thus contribute to a continuous improvement of environmental protection and sustainability in the catering industry.

Such a rethink is also desperately needed, a "continued as before" cannot and must not exist in the packaging industry, but also in the catering industry. 

The figures are worrying: plastics production has grown exponentially in just a few decades – from 1.5 million tonnes worldwide in 1950 to 322 million tonnes in 2015.[1] This was also associated with an increase in the amount of plastic waste generated. Every year, around 400 million tonnes of Co2 are emitted worldwide by the production and combustion of plastic. More than 140 million tons of plastic waste now float through the oceans in five huge swirls. Microplastics, i.e. tiny plastic particles, can be detected in almost every body of the earth, in the Arctic and also in the human body. The UN fears that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the seas.[2] Disposable dishes and to-go packaging now make a significant contribution to the waste generation in Germany. Between 1994 and 2017, total waste volumes increased by 44 percent. Plastic waste increased by 72 percent and PPK waste by 26 percent. If you only look at disposable dishes and disposable packaging for to-go or Immediately consumed in the catering industry, the rate of increase was 38 percent. In the area of plates, boxes and trays, there has been an increase of 173% since 1994, with a total of 281,186 tonnes of waste in Germany for disposable dishes and ToGO packaging alone.[3]

The founders of QNativ have taken note of this worrying development and want to counter it with the products and services of QNativ.

The philosophy of QNativ consists of the trade in, as well as the production and further development of disposable dishes. In addition, advising the catering industry on the use of sustainable, ecological, environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable disposable dishes/cutlery and packaging, as well as the correct handling of the megatrend of digitization in the catering industry.

QNativ offers a wide range of products and services in order to become the first point of contact for both business and private customers in the field of equipping with sustainable products.

Unlike other suppliers, QNativ offers not only the products, but also consulting services for biodegradable natural pipe materials. QNativ should not only enable the customer to equip his company or household with sustainable products, but also to advise him in principle on this issue and to develop concepts for how an increase in sustainability can be made possible.

Let's make this world better.


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